Check out what we started with. First week of cleaning the new shop!!

So when we acquired this new shop, we knew it was dirty, but we had no idea of how damp and untouched this place was. It seemed that nothing had been moved in over 50 years. New junk was commonly placed into the garage over time, but it was never touched again. 

The garage door had been hit by a car a few years ago, letting every critter in the neighborhood trek in and out of the shop. EVERYTHING that wasn't metal or hard plastic had been shredded. The entire floor was covered in years of machinery and junk,

There was an unbelievable amount of vinyl and metal siding. Lots of it was new, with stickers still on it. Though it wasn't recently new, as it was pretty dryrotted and brittle. 
What we thought was going to take a few days, had now become a week of work, and it didn't look like we had made any process. "Interesting finds" we overshadowed by the rust and pure grunge on the items. Under this pile were enough old tractor parts and small engines to make about any gear head excited, but it was short lived, as the years of neglect had rendered it junk. 
Check out week 2. You would think it would get easier....but boy was that wrong!!

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