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Want to support us? Buy a tee shirt and it all goes to helping us get the shop up and going at full steam, and it supports the fight to save our community of racecars and performance gurus!! Check it out HERE!! If you can't find your size, check the Darker Gray color!

About this campaign

I spent 5 years at a big-name racing shop, creating the entire electronics and wiring side of the business. We supported the Holley EFI crowd the most. Offering one of a kind products, from Digital Dash Power Modules to Stand-Alone controllers for newer 2-pin GM alternators. Due to being a single father, fighting Type 1 Diabetes since I was a child, and not having insurance through work, I was running myself into the ground trying to stay caught up with work, bills, and never-ending medical expenses. I was forced to leave the company and focus on my son and myself. I have acquired a new, small shop super close to home, and I am working as hard as I can to get it up and running. I have spent endless nights cleaning and painting, as well as designing and testing new products that will be a HUGE help for the EFI world. I've also been redesigning and updating some older products, to be more powerful, smaller, and lighter than ever. I have done this ALL with no handouts...and I don't want "free" handouts. I don't need a GO FUND ME, but I want to offer something in return. Help me get started and Speed Max Innovation will be an everyday name in the EFI racing world!!!

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